A Professional Plastic Injection Moulding Service

Plant List

We have a range of modern micro-processor controlled injection moulding machines on our plant list ranging from 50 tonnes up to 200 tonnes, which enable us to mould components ranging from 1g to just over 500g

Supplemented by ancillary equipment, including de-humidifying dryers, conveyors, hot runner controllers, sprue picking robots and mould heaters, this means we can mould almost all commercially available plastic materials.

To find out more about how the machines on our plant list can help you turn your ideas into products, please get in touch.

1: Two barrels available for this machine, 55 dia and 60 dia
2. These are twin-pump, fast cycling machines
3. Fitted with sprue-picker robots

Excellent service provided by very knowledgeable staff

Lee Foley

Brilliant company - very highly recommended.

Christine Fairweather